Forensic Intelligence Bureau (FIB) Ghaziabad is a full well equipped investigation agency. FIB goal is provide independence advance forensic investigation report with the validitation & give forensic science training for students and all law enforcement agency for the legal purpose. FIB impasse all the training, projects, dissertation & research work. We at FIB committed to satisfy our students by providing excellent services in the field of education. 

Crime Scene
Crime Scene

Abhishek Tripathi

(Deputy Director)

"Forensic Science does not know its debt to imagination.."


S.K Singh


"The aim of Forensic Science is to learn, to an investigation, to move."


(Legal Adviser)

Jyoti Singh

(Executive Director)

Anuja Jain

(Addi. Executive Director)

A. Kumar

Programmer/ FIB

Crime Scene Management

Crime Scene
Crime Scene

The crime scene investigator returns the microphone to its clip and begins the drive to the latest assignment. A crime scene investigation begins well before the CSI enters a structure, an open field or wooded area. Usually, the radio dispatch message is brief and seldom reveals the full nature of the incident. Most often this is done to avoid drawing on-lookers and the media who may be monitoring the dispatch frequency. As the CSI turns onto the street in question, his first obligation is to "turn on" his powers of observation. He may make a mental note of what he sees, hears and smells-or better still-records them on a digital voice recorder. His first reaction to the scene must be, "Does anything look out of place? What odors may be noticeable and are there unusual sounds...

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